Le Crédac

Toucher de l’œil

Group show

Artists: Fanny Adler, Davide Balula, Sophie Dubosc, Chloé Dugit-Gros, Cédrick Eymenier, Nicolas Floc’h, Dominique Ghesquière, Benjamin Hochart, Vincent Lamouroux, Jean-François Leroy, Jonathan Loppin, Gyan Panchal, Julien Pastor, Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza, Marie Preston, Julien Tibéri

Curatorship: Le Bureau des Publics (Lucie Baumann, Rémy Brière, Mathieu Gillot)

Toucher de l’œil (Touching with the Eye) – Crédac’s education department invests the art center to show a selection of education activities carried out for the public since 2005.

Dedicated primarily to support the artists and the production of works, Crédac is also a meeting place for publics and artistic practices. Raising art sensitivity is one of our major missions.

Carried out by the public office, this mission takes shape through activities and initiatives that are constantly reinvented: educational tools accompanying exhibitions (posters, booklets for children, discussion paper for teachers); various events (studio-snacks, meetings with artists, lectures, etc.); visits and workshops in the exhibitions; residencies and workshops conceived by artists with groups of all ages and contexts. These activities are designed with the artists, directly from the exhibitions program of Crédac or in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, the city services and associations. Their richness relies in their experimental and in-progress aspects, according to the sensitivities and approaches.
The experience of sight, of various mediums, the sharing of the artists’ creative process are the core of our action. The construction of a knowledge relationship between different generations, the ways of transmission are for us as much important as the results.

Thus, beyond the works produced during the workshops, it is also these encounters, these human and artistic experiences that we want to transcribe here through videos, publications and sound pieces. The exhibition Touching with the Eye wants to make visible the diversity of our approaches and reaffirm our belief that art is a place for reflection and sharing. Since the experience of sight is inseparable from touch, this exhibition offers to reactivate the “kiosk-workshop” where everyone is invited to create their own architectural volume from cardboard modules. Finally, an “open workshop” is available to all in the education department room, to create and experiment in family.

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