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Nouement 02

Marie Preston

The pursuit of the Nouement project in 2009 extends the relationship between the artist Marie Preston and the regulars of the Croizat residence in Ivry. Choosing to work with the Centre Médico-psycho-pédagogique, Marie Preston, the Crédac and the Service Retraités wish to add a new dimension to the project.

First, the CMPP relay makes it possible to address both parents and children. Thus, the parents’ generation is also involved in the project. Secondly, a speech therapist from the CMPP accompanies Marie Preston in the design and running of the workshop. The practice of language, linked to the notions of transmission and dialogue, which are central to the Nouement project, was thus approached in a new light. The workshop, developed by the artist Marie Preston in collaboration with CMPP speech therapists Agnès Grossi and Nathalie Allouche, consists of the collective production of two videos, a soundtrack, a knitting and a series of photomontages linking the imaginations of each participant. From words chosen together, complex words with multiple meanings, the elements are constructed through associations of ideas, puns or spelling game. The two films embodies two genres: documentary and fiction. As for the photomontages, they are used as elements that reflected the progress of the project. Like video, photomontage involves collage, the assembly of ideas and images linking the propositions of each other. The soundtrack and the knitting also represent the realization of the link between the words and the participants, in another form. The exhibition offers all these realization to the public. During Ivry-en-Fête, it continues in the Coutant park.

Artist biography

  • Marie Preston’s artistic work (born in 1980, lives and works in Paris) is consisted of a research concerning creating works, documents of experience, with a priori non-artist people. The encounters are initiated by introducing an activity in specific territories: knitting practice within the Association of Malian Women in Montreuil, traveling on historical paths that have disappeared between Paris and its neighboring towns, documentary work on a ritual practice in India, on shared gardens in the Paris region or on the tropical agronomy garden in Nogent. For “co-creation” to take place, collaboration must be established in a relationship of reciprocity of knowledge and skills in order to create a common space. This space increases over time and collective activity. Photographs, sculptures, performances and films take shape according to various modalities from the restitution of experience to collective actions.

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