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Espace de l’objet Vs Objet de l’espace

Vincent Lamouroux et Gyan Panchal

Vincent Lamouroux and Gyan Panchal intervene according to a theme inspired by their own creations. Through the notions of sculpture, space, tools, environment and landscape, the artists develop work sessions with the students in order for them to have a plastic practice of contemporary art and to work within an artistic process.

Vincent Lamouroux intervene at the Solomon Recreation Center in Ivry for one week during the February school vacations and with a class of 6th graders from the Politzer middle school in Ivry during the months of March and April. Object of the space, object and appropriated as a possible game. Installation of a familiar environment, diverted into a fictional and playful space… Vincent Lamouroux led the children and young people to transform and create their own space by diversion. Gyan Panchal intervened in four schools in Ivry: a class of CM2 from the Barbusse elementary school, a class of CM2 from the Solomon elementary school, a class of 6e from the Molière middle school, a class of 3e from the Fernand Léger high school, and in a school in the Kremlin-Bicêtre with a class of 1re arts plastiques from the Darius Milhaud high school. Work on standard materials composing our daily environment; Shift from the industrial to the archaic, to the organic; transformation of a minimal, functional, manufactured object into a fictional sculpture in perpetual becoming… Gyan Panchal led the students to the realization of objects questioning the possible return or not of the artificial to the natural. The valorization of the project gave rise to an exhibition at the Espace Gérard Philipe in the Jeanne Hachette center in Ivry-sur-Seine from April 28 to May 14, 2006.

Artists biography

  • Vincent Lamouroux (born in 1974, lives and works in Paris) is the winner of the Ricard Foundation Prize in 2006. Since the early 2000s, he has been developing a body of work nourished by minimalist forms, fallen modernist utopias and popular cultures (science fiction, board sports…). Through refined and large-scale sculptural works, often conceived and created for the context of their exhibition, Vincent Lamouroux makes new spatialities possible. His work strives to”make form differently”, between sculpture and architecture, imagination and invention, physical movements and transport of the mind. The artist presented his solo exhibition Grounded at the Crédac in 2005.

  • Gyan Panchal (born in 1973, lives and works in Eymoutiers) considers his works as a link between man and his relationship to the territory, his relationship to nature. The artist approaches sculpture through the material, always poor, claiming a clear filiation with the artists of Arte Povera and those of the support/surface movement. Gyan Panchal works with found materials, scraps perhaps from the rests of a construction site, common elements that we do not see, that we are not supposed to see. For nearly twenty years he has been trying to make them visible by giving them shapes.

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