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Tout dans le cabinet mental

Artists: Pierre Bal-Blanc and Marianne Marić, Virginie Bobin, Flora Bouteille, Katya Ev, Dora García, Vir Andrés Hera, Myriam Lefkowitz and Julie Laporte, Marine Leleu, Aapo Nikkanen, Alevtyna Kakhidze and Sasha Pevak, Cally Spooner, Nora Sternfeld, Sabine Teyssonneyre, Victor Villafagne, Victor Yudaev. Contributions and interviews : Oliver Marchart and others to come throughout the exhibition.

Curatorship: Cassandre Langlois

Tout dans le cabinet mental is an exhibition conceived within the framework of the activities of the performance design office TOGETHER UNTIL _ __ (what)*? It echoes a first work session hosted in March 2021 by Crédac.

It gave way to scenographic experiments, rehearsal-performances - whose scenario was built around the notion of control - extended over several days, to the realization of interviews with Virginie Bobin, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Lenio Kaklea, Sasha Pevak and Nora Sternfeld. This friendly occupation concerned, more specifically, the prospective dimension of the performance as well as the conceptualization of a stage - scenic space, working space and production studio - to come.

This new stage operates, today, like a cabinet of performance practices open to the public. A stage, inspired by the representation grids of space-time, takes into account the relationship of the body to the place while favoring the articulation between fixed pieces, discursive times, elements of theoretical research and exposed documentation. Over the weeks, one after the other, these invited practices appear. They act and interact according to different paradigms. For some, beyond certain normative rationalities. For others, against the spectacular dimension that is sometimes attached to them. Some embrace the question of the social role under the angle of the scenic. Some still promise fictions of bodies and spaces. Together, they allow us to (re)think the institutional, economic, archival and mediation environment for a viable performance art.

At the same time, the office continues its reflection around the notion of pre-enactment which corresponds, according to Oliver Marchart, to “the artistic anticipation of a political event 1 .” The Austrian philosopher specifies that this political moment can only be one of antagonism. Like any other social field, he considers that art can turn into a training ground. On a small scale, the cabinet is envisaged as an active zone, welcoming “new materials” as they come in, questioning what a place would be able to make today. It thus develops - in filigree - in the form of “a place within a place” where allied practices, stemming from performance, academic research or curatorial action, are exercised. There, they emit projections for the future of a place of art.

Cassandre Langlois

    April 28, May 19, June 16 · 14:00 – 18:00
    Once a month, Flora Bouteille and Cassandre Langlois hold meetings at the Crédac during which they can exchange with the public. At the same time, they carry out their research in the studio.
  1. Oliver Marchart, Conflictual Aesthetics - Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere, Berlin, Sternberg Press, 2019, p. 177


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Curator biography

  • TOGETHER UNTIL _ _ (what)*? is a consultancy created in 2020 by Flora Bouteille (artist) and Cassandre Langlois (researcher and independent curator). This initiative - at first friendly and supportive (the TOGETHER UNTIL __ (what)*? study office was born from a series of regular exchanges during the confinements linked to the Covid-19 pandemic) - is deployed around times of research and creations during which invitations are addressed. It is dedicated to the experimentation of devices and to the production of knowledge on performance, considered here through its various political and social stakes. It also questions the performative potential of the encounter between the institutional habitat and the scenic practices - performance, dance, theater, conference, assembly, debate - that it hosts.

Events & meetings


The exhibition Tout dans le cabinet mental received support for an artistic project from the CNAP, from the Aide à la captation et aux diffusions alternatives pour le secteur des arts visuels from the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Île-de-France, and from the Austrian Cultural Forum.

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