Le Crédac

TOGETHER UNTIL__ _ (what)*?

Flora Bouteille, Cassandre Langlois

Together Until_ What? is an artistic project conceived by the duo Flora Bouteille (artist/performer) and Cassandre Langlois (researcher/independent curator) in the form of a bureau of performative studies. This project has settled for the first time at Crédac from March 15 to April 3, 2021.

By building itself around regular times of research and creations in various contexts, it is dedicated to the experimentation of devices and the production of knowledge on the performative arts. It questions more precisely what makes sense in performance today and is interested in its political, social and sensorial stakes. Moreover, starting from a reflection on the economy of the exhibition and the live performance, the project works on a questioning of the culturally constructed systems of domination and perception. Faced with the urgency of rethinking our modes of existence more radically, it is also a question of calling upon performative strategies in order to experiment with new cooperative methods of work and to imagine a para-institutional and porous framework where they could take effect.

Together Until_ What? is hosted for the first time at the Crédac where it takes the form of a “Plateau-Forum”, a term that refers to the theatrical setting and “forum theater” described by the Brazilian writer, theatre-maker and politician Augusto Boal. Deployed in the Crédakino space, this “Plateau-Forum” is located at the crossroads of the stage, the work space, the discussion space and the production studio. It is the place for the progressive elaboration of a prospective scenario of per- formance, thought out in particular according to interviews carried out in a parallel way with researchers, artists and exhibition curators. Rehearsals and filmed actions are held daily; they will lead to a filmed-mounted performance session, then to the making of a film. By playing with our bodily perceptions, the project is interested in both the notion of social choreography and that of the “quasi object”.

The device set up with the Crédac differs from the traditional residency. Together Until_ What? is an interdependent project that proposes a friendly occupation of the art center, by also taking over the art center’s Instagram, every Tuesday.

A restitution of this residency is proposed to the passers-by in the window Art, Fleur et Nature (the disused store of a former florist, invested by the artist Corentin Canesson at this same time) on April 8, 2021 in the shopping center Jeanne Hachette, 21 promenée Marat.

Filmed-edited performance with: Cyprien Chevillard, Kenza Belghiti, Charlotte Lecuit, Aurore Serra
Captation : Victor Villafagne
Image, graphic design, website : Marine Leleu
Interviews with : Pierre Bal-Blanc, Virginie Bobin, Lenio Kaklea, Sasha Pevak and Nora Sternfeld


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