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Pré-première I GOT UP AT 8.59 AM OCTOBER 19.2021

Pierre Bal-Blanc

Discussion and pre-premiere (preliminary version, in French) of Pierre Bal-Blanc’s film I GOT UP AT 8.59 AM OCTOBER 19.2021 at the Luminor cinema, 20 rue du Temple 75004 Paris.
More information on www.luminor-hoteldeville.com

In the fall of 2021, Pierre Bal-Blanc presented the exhibition “I GOT UP” at gb agency in Paris. The title referred to the series of postcards sent by On Kawara, between 1968 and 1979, to different recipients. An ink stamp indicated the exact date and time of the beginning of his daily activity. In Paris, the exhibition opened on October 19 at 8:59 a.m. - the date and time written on a card sent to Dan Graham in 1968 - with the public awakening of actor Thomas Ducasse, who had spent the previous night in a bed set up in the gallery. Following this project, Pierre Bal-Blanc directed the film I GOT UP AT 8.59 AM. OCTOBER 19 2021 which is based on the events of October 19, 1961 in France.

In the exhibition, Tout dans le cabinet mental, the script of this film and the protocol of the performance are presented.

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