Le Crédac

Solarium et autres pièces

Véronique Joumard

Véronique Joumard’s first solo exhibition in a contemporary art centre in the Paris region, Solarium et autres pièces, offers sensory experiences of the perception of space.

Fascinated by light and the wonder of electricity, Véronique Joumard exhibits works that create a powerful experience for the viewer. The material elements - cables, switches, power conductors, electric plugs - are laid bare, forming minimal sculptures. Conceptual objects, they question the surrounding space and entice us to fulfil the conditions necessary for the apparition of light. By a gesture, a sound or energy, the visitor interacts with the work. ln La partie continue 2 (a group exhibition held at le Crédac in 2004), Véronique Joumard showed Peinture thermosensible, a green monochrome wall sensitive ta heat and touch. Heat, energy flow and sensitivity are core questions in Véronique Joumard’s work.

Throughout the exhibition, tension, essential for the apparition of light, accompanies the visitor who, as he furthers his underground exploration, discovers the multiple facets of Véronique Joumard’s work. With its enigmatic title, this exhibition groups several works, some new, 50 me aider ones recontextualised.

If 4 ballons pour un immeuble lifted the Paris Prefecture off the ground in 2003 during the Nuit Blanche, lightness and gravity are at the heart of a new visual installation where a heavy surface takes off thanks to luminous balloons. Le poids des choses is installed in one of the exhibition spaces. Visitors move through a forest of springs. Hanging from the ceiling, their weightiness is accentuated by a millstone grill ballast. The resulting energy flows and tension are also to be found in a 1985 work in which a bulb lights up when contact is made between two metal girders. In le Crédac’s most underground space, Véronique Joumard bas created an impressive installation: a hundred or 50 light bulbs flood the space with an intense light. Eisewhere, the visit is punctuated by works like Lentilles (three circular pieces hanging from the ceiling in the reception area that completely alter our perception of space).

Claire Le Restif


Film of the exhibition © Claire Le Restif / le Crédac

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