Le Crédac

Royal Garden 2

A Constructed World

Graphic design: Mathias Schweizer

Coding: Lionel Dourt

Curatorship: Étienne Bernard, Claire Le Restif, associated artist: David Evrard

Royal Garden is an online extension of Crédac’s artistic project. Borrowing its title from the futuristic restaurant directed by Jacques Tati in Playtime, Royal Garden is a shaggy artistic project, a place for the production of multidisciplinary meaning, an exquisite critical, theoretical and artistic corpse.
Royal Garden had 10 seasons between 2008 and 2018.

Etienne Bernard has set up a Royal Garden into Royal Garden by inviting A Constructed World, the Australian duo mid-graphic designers mid-artists who has themselves invited critics, historians, engaged in contemporary art, to comment on a series of pamphlets as “crisis, nationalism, stupidity, ignorance…”.

The authors invited by ACW are : Sébastien Pluot, François-Eudes Chanfrault, Hu Fang, Claire Fontaine, Justin Clemens, Elisabeth Lebovici, Claude Closky, Manuel Cirauqi, Heman Chong, Marie Muracciole.

  • Etienne Bernard also invited the artist Raphaël Zarka, and co-wrote a text on the Land Art with Antoine Marchand.
  • David Evrard develops his project I was here but I disappear during the overall season. His script is : “In 1977, Tony Manero, a young worker from the suburbs is going every Saturday to 2001 ODYSSEY just to show everyone that he is the living god of this light wooden floors, glass brick lighted from below following the impulses music…”
  • Claire Le Restif invites Bruno Bellec to share his notebook to an architectural trip to Japan. The urban fabric, the web and his plastic work are mixed up.
  • Isabelle Cornaro allows us to discover her Casts on the spot series differently.
  • Mathieu Mercier reacts to different occurrences in the manner of an exquisite corpse offering after the Nationalism pamphlet, the image Flag on sale.
  • Pascal Beausse brings a poetic text L’art est un caillou (Art is a pebble).
  • Véronique Joumard offers a flip book.
  • Peter Regli creates specifically a Reality Hacking No. 279.
  • Silvana Reggiardo takes us for a walk on the Ed Rusha’s parking photograhic series (echoing the proposal of Etienne Bernard and Antoine Marchand).
  • Sabine Canivet gives us a presentation of a utopian architectural project of the 1970s, left into disuse in Ivry : the Riboulet towers built by the Atelier de Montrouge.
  • Mathias Schweizer has made two interventions and creates the visual noise project of Andrew Sharpley and Noël Akchopté.


Royal Garden is made possible through support from the Region Ile-de-France.

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