Le Crédac

Le Palais Hermétique de la Mémoire

Flora Bouteille & Victor Villafagne

A sound series of Interior Films by Flora Bouteille & Victor Villafagne, preferably to be listened to with eyes closed, in a quiet place and without additional stimulation.
Duration of about 45 minutes for each episode.
Also available on Anchor.FM, iTunes and Spotify.

Flora Bouteille and Victor Villafagne collaborate on a series of sound pieces entitled Le Palais Hermétique de la Mémoire (The Hermetic Palace of Memory). These Interior films offer the listener fictitious, intriguing and disturbing immaterial architectures that are sketched out as they are listened to. These projection spaces that welcome our memories, our imagination, are as many individual experiences to be lived. The spectator, the spectator, is invited to enter Le Palais Hermétique de la Mémoire, to move, to inhabit it, to appropriate it.

Artist biography

  • Flora Bouteille (b. 1993) and Victor Villafagne (b. 1995) worked together during the 2019 Salon de Montrouge, and developed a common sound approach during Flora Bouteille’s performances at the Lyon Biennale, Les Subsistances, and the Cité des Arts in Paris.

Events & meetings

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