Le Crédac

Épisode nº2 - L'Extraction Forcée

Flora Bouteille & Victor Villafagne

Le Palais Hermétique de la Mémoire (The Hermetic Palace of Memory). Episode nº2 - L’Extraction Forcée (Forced Extraction)
A sound series of Interior Films preferably to be listened to with eyes closed, in a quiet place and without additional stimulation.
Thanks to Cyprien Chevillard for his ghostly voices and to Première Frappe for their piece Ripples from Pookie Farceurs.

Punctuated by the intervention in the form of an interrogation by Nora Sternfeld (Professor for art education at the HFBK Hamburg, exhibition curator and curator), this dystopian stroll questions the notion of materiality in art and proposes the creation of mental spaces.


Le Palais Hermétique de la Mémoire. Épisode nº2 - L’Extraction Forcée


  • ÉPISODE Nº2 - L'EXTRACTION FORCÉE, Flora Bouteille & Victor Villafagne
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