Le Crédac

Royal Garden 7
Royal Kinder Garden

Graphic design: Pierrick Varin / Glitch

Coding: Pierrick Varin / Glitch

Curatorship: Boris Achour and Lucie Baumann

Royal Garden is an online extension of Crédac’s artistic project. Borrowing its title from the futuristic restaurant directed by Jacques Tati in Playtime, Royal Garden is a shaggy artistic project, a place for the production of multidisciplinary meaning, an exquisite critical, theoretical and artistic corpse.
Royal Garden had 10 seasons between 2008 and 2018.

This seventh issue of Royal Garden offers a kind of ascension that unfolds with a series of documents, games and multiple experiments in public outreach.

We invited Boris Achour to appropriate the living part of the Public Outreach Bureau and the artist came up with a novel proposal that he developed through animated GIFs and a playful interface that goes over emblematic motifs and archives.

Royal Kinder Garden recreates, though only partially, the world of our outreach work, which we would like to be resonant, enlightened, and enthusiastic. Children and adults can replay these experiences of the eye, hand, and word online.

Events & meetings


Royal Garden is made possible through support from the Region Ile-de-France.

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