Le Crédac

Le matin

Caroline Bachmann

Curatorship: Claire Hoffmann & Caroline Bachmann

Whether we’re children or adults, we’ve all played the game of finding shapes in the clouds or in the surrounding landscape. This playful activity pushes us towards the momentary abstraction of a concrete form (a cloud, a hill) in order to transform it into another recognizable figure (a castle, a shooting star, a part of the human body). The cloud, hill or mountain thus floats in a perception that is both part of the reality that surrounds us, and part of an inner reality that, while unique to us, can be the object of a shared, even universal experience.

Since 2013, Caroline Bachmann has been exploring figurative painting, drawing on her conceptual artistic practice as well as her ten-year research into Marcel Duchamp with artist and curator Stefan Banz (1961-2021). Her portraits, still lifes of flowers and landscapes question the notion of perception, time and what the artist calls “recognition”: “the fact of rediscovering something that we already know, that exists in us latently, that was as if dormant 1”.

  1. Caroline Bachmann, Zurich, Scheidegger & Spiess, 2022.


Caroline Bachmann, video and interview of her personal exhibition Le matin at Crédac.

Educational resources

  • Interview with Caroline Bachmann, Claire Hoffmann and Claire Le Restif — LE MATIN, Caroline Bachmann
    1.06 MB / pdf

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Caroline Bachmann’s exhibition is produced in partnership with the Centre culturel suisse. On tour and with the support of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.

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