Le Crédac

La table des invité·e·s
The Guest table

Curatorship: Claire Le Restif & Julia Leclerc

Find all the proposals of the guests in the section RELATED of the exhibition La vie des tables, and below.

Situated halfway through the exhibition, table 26 is a fragment of the studio workbench, the place where the works are produced and where Crédac’s Board of Directors meets. A workbench on which the art centre’s artistic and financial project is discussed, a table for negotiations with our partners. Through its many martyrs, an archaeology of work is revealed.

Throughout the exhibition, it welcomes in turn the proposals of personalities close to Crédac. Whether they are members, administrators or regular enthusiasts, they are all accomplices and faithful supporters of the artistic project. The adult patients of the Municipal Medical and Psychological Centre (CMP) of Ivry-sur-Seine joined the project at the beginning of 2021. Their participation in the life of this table is a natural continuation of the writing workshops designed by Sarah Tritz in parallel with her exhibition J’aime le rose pâle et les femmes ingrates (I love pale pink and ungrateful women) in 2019. Patient visits to subsequent exhibitions have strengthened the relationship between the art centre and the CMP.


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