Le Crédac

Table des invité·e·s
Christian Giordano

Freelance exhibition technician

Martyrs rebouchés, September 2020

Christian Giordano’s response to our invitation 1 is equal to the humility of his work: in the shadows, the exhibition’s montage materialises the wishes of the the artists and the curator. This workbench with many cuts (martyrs) has been repaired and looked after. This gesture of care is not without evoking kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technique known since the 15th century, which consists of restoring ceramics or porcelain with gold or silver. The scars thus come to sublimate the accidents that have punctuated the life of the objects. Breakage no longer signifies its end or its scrapping, but a renewal, the beginning of another cycle and continuity in its use. J.L.

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