Le Crédac

Entretien croisé n°3
La vie des objets (The Life of Objects)

Tiphaine Calmettes, Louise Hervé & Clovis Maillet

This third episode of Entretiens croisés takes the form of a performed discussion between Tiphaine Calmettes, Louise Hervé and Clovis Maillet at Crédac.

The artists question the fate of a work of art when the exhibition in which it is shown is closed to the public, the status of the objects that are shown in western museums, and the possibility of reviving or embodying “attitudes” that allow us to reconnect with the stories that may have animated an object at a given moment.
The life of objects can also be affected by an organic life that has come to interact with the object, by the function or composition of the latter, or by the magical or symbolic potential that we want to attribute to it.


Tiphaine Calmettes, Louise Hervé et Clovis Maillet, La vie des objets, 2021

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