Le Crédac

The Iguana - Acte II : Nothing is Said

Louise Hervé & Clovis Maillet

A Reconstruction and an Underground Area, 2011, 19 min.
In the underground reserves of a museum, two women speakers on a break excitedly talk about the inventiveness of archeological museography. An archeologist on a dig somewhere, standing before the trenches and the idle excavators, describes artifacts, using these simple objects to imagine an entire civilization rising from the ground up. Much further
on a young woman confined in an underground area of some sort gives free rein to her terror-stricken fantasies. The limit between what belongs to the past and to the future is beginning to fade away.

What we know…, 2007, 44 min.
In an undetermined future the family of Jakub Schorman is peacefully living in an apartment-bunker that is supplied
from a distance by various sprawling companies. The family fears an invasion by extraterrestrials.

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