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Simon Boudvin

Thanks to the Île-de-France Region’s “regional programme of artist residencies” and the support of the City of Ivry-sur-Seine, Crédac is putting its plans for a residency into practice, which will enrich the art centre’s project and affirm its support for the artists. Through the work between the artist and the Crédac team, this residency contributes to setting up projects with the actors of the Ivry-sur-Seine area.

Artist Simon Boudvin participates in the first research residency at the Manufacture des Œillets for a period of 10 months. From his studio, the artist has undertaken a photographic work on the city, crossing his interest in architecture and urban ecology, in the spirit of the one carried out since 2011 in Bagnolet and Montreuil with the mapping of the development of a population of ailantes. Beginning in November 2019, his residency will take the form of a photographic survey in the housing estates of the Ivry Public Housing Office (OPH), their spaces for meetings, conviviality and associations, between domestic cells and public space. The artist’s work is based on encounters with the actors of the territory and explorations, on the spot and in the plans, to unearth and represent these spaces. From the time of exploration in the districts of Ivry to the time of the workshop devoted to image editing, reflection and public meetings, this residency is an opportunity to share Simon Boudvin’s view of the city.

Artist biography

  • Simon Boudvin (born in 1979) lives and works in Bagnolet. He studied at the Paris School of Fine Arts in the studio of Giuseppe Penone and at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture. He has been teaching since 2007 in various architecture schools and currently at the École nationale supérieure de paysage in Versailles. His work emerges at the crossroads of these different fields, attentive to the mutations of the territories he travels through. He sometimes proceeds to their detailed survey, sometimes to their reconstruction, to the exercise of their description, to their photography. His research is the subject of his books. His sculptures articulate reflections on the invention and circulation of materials, on construction techniques and on the socio-cultural history of architecture. His works are exhibited in various art centres in France (Les Capucins, Embrun in 2018; at SHED, Centre d’art contemporain de Normandie in 2019), but also abroad (MAC, Montreal, 2017).


Île-de-France Region, City of Ivry-sur-Seine

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