Le Crédac

Point of view

Simone Decker

Simone Decker’s first major monograph (work carried out between 1999 and 2004), whose work consists above all in large and small spatial interventions thanks to the illusion of scale made possible by the use of the photographic lens. Point of view is published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Casino Luxembourg in 2004–2005.

  • TitlePoint of view
  • Author(s)Michel Gauthier, Angela Rosenberg, Jochen Volz
  • Artist(s)Simone Decker
  • Date2005
  • Co-publisherCentre d'art contemporain d'Ivry - le Crédac / Casino du Luxembourg
  • IllustrationsColour
  • LanguageFrench / German / English
  • Pages170
  • Size19,5 × 26,5 cm
  • ISBN2-919893-50-5
  • Price20 €


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