Le Crédac

Dans le clair obscur du language

Thu Van Tran

Published on the occasion of her exhibition 24 heures à Hanoï, from 19 April to 30 June 2019, at the Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry - le Crédac.

Thu Van Tran’s work incorporates a wide range of practices: sculpture, writing, film and installations. From her migrant perspective, she explores the pitfalls of globalization, embracing language and matter in a common creative process. The Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry - le Crédac is devoting a solo exhibition to Thu Van Tran for the first time, after having collaborated with her twice in group exhibitions; “Expériences Insulaires” in 2006, and “L’Homme de Vitruve” in 2012.

As a sculptor, Thu Van Tran has created monumental works (a boat perched on top of a postmodern building made by Ricardo Bofill in Noisy-le-Grand, a flying buttress at the Red House in Paris) with modest materials: wood, paper, wax, etc. But the raw material of his works is one of the most evanescent, fiction. The stories to which Thu Van Tran gives tangible form are of postcolonial inspiration and her works are linked to the intertwined history of Vietnam and France.

  • TitleDans le clair obscur du language
  • Author(s)Marion Duquerroy, Rahma Khazam, Emmanuelle Lequeux, Claire Le Restif, Pedro Morais, Magali Nachtergael
  • Artist(s)Thu Van Tran
  • Date2019
  • PublisherBeaux Arts Éditions
  • Graphic designBaldinger/Vu-Huu
  • IllustrationsColour
  • LanguageFrench / English
  • Pages60
  • Size22 × 28,5 cm
  • ISBN978-1-907908-49-1
  • Price9.5 €
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