Le Crédac

Objets béquilles du quotidien

Jean-François Leroy

This workshop is based on a work of research and experimentation over several times, starting from the desire, the children’s curiosity and their observation skills. It takes place in a specific dedicated space, allowing the children to see their work progress over time and build itself in a given place. Working mainly on the object, Jean-François Leroy uses materials from everyday life (table, blind…) that he chooses for their sculptural properties.

“The object is an unclear term which obviously includes the usual object, but also the forms which are common to us. It is thus from a collective environment that I draw my raw material. The principle is simple, trying to determine passages between my private space, the studio space and the exhibition space. The idea is to link the activities inherent to these three places. The goal is not to use these objects as Ready-made, but to see how the constraints (aesthetic, formal, material) imposed by these materials can actually generate other forms by doing manual work close to that of the “handyman”. Jean-François Leroy

Artist biography

  • Jean-François Leroy (born in 1982, lives and works in Ivry-sur-Seine) graduated in 2007 from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris; he holds a PhD from the PSL-SACRe program. “Constantly shifting from painting to sculpture, from volume to plane, and from front to back, Jean-François Leroy’s work seems to attempt to dig into the surface of his daily environment. He makes breakthroughs into the crust of reality, in the usual forms that he likes to divert … reusing many things that make up his studio’s collection. Tarpaulins, wood panels and carpets are some of the artist’s favourite materials. They are subdued to some simple but subtle gestures: superimpositions, cuts or folding games - giving rise, in spite of an economy of means, to new striking forms. “Antoine Camenen

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