Le Crédac

Le baseball déscolarise la géomancie

Aldéric Trével

Artistic project lead by Aldéric Trével with the CP-CM1 students from the Philippe Baussant’class at the Guy Môquet elementary school in Ivry-sur-Seine.

A dice is the object which guides the students during the realization of their works, throughout the project. The numbers obtained refer the children to tables containing precise instructions as for the use of subjects, colors, shapes… Working individually or in groups, they gradually take ownership of this random process, playing more and more with constraints and sometimes creating themselves new rules to apply in their productions. Drawing, collage and painting were the main techniques used, but the students are also able to create drawings mechanically using a plotter digital. These manufacturing methods and tools are the direct result of the following approach of Aldéric Trével, whose works are subject to protocols, formats or pre-existing objects. The title of the workshop has also been created from a specific rule: open a page of the dictionary at random, roll the dice and choose the words according to the numbers obtained.

Artist biography

  • Born in Caen in 1984, lives and works in Paris.

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