Le Crédac

Workshops For the neighbors


Giving, exchanging and meeting are at the heart of Shimabuku’s work, especially in the exhibition Pour les pieuvres, les singes et les Hommes: giving a red dahlia to each neighbor of the building in front of Crédac and asking them to hang it in their window (Flowers to Neighbors); making colored glass pebbles and throwing them into the sea for octopuses collecting stones (Sculpture for Octopuses: Exploring for Their Favorite Colors), giving objects to Japanese macaques (Exhibition for the Monkeys, Iwatayama, Kyoto), staging the meeting between a donkey and an octopus with toys…

In the exhhibition Pour les pieuvres, les singes et les Hommes, Shimabuku dreams of a world without borders where gravity would be abolished: pigeons meet octopuses, dogs talk to monkeys. It is a world where the mermaids who live at the bottom of the sea could meet the men who live on the surface. In these worlds, flowers, birds and fruits swim, men fly. For this workshop, the large bay windows of the Bureau des publics, which allow a dialogue with the Ivry landscape, are the meeting point of all these living beings. Each of the windows that make up the bay window is considered a comic strip box in which a little story is imagined by the children: a love story, a crazy race, etc.
17 classes of elementary schools followed one another to make this installation of cut papers visible from the outside, so that the passers-by and the neighbors could enjoy it.

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