Le Crédac

Workshops In My Head

Sarah Tritz

In her exhibition J’aime le rose pâle et les femmes ingrates (I love pale pink and ungrateful women), Sarah Tritz summons secret thoughts, fragmented bodies, the absence of heads, faces or mouths. In their inability to speak, the works created by Sarah Tritz and her guests suggest and carry, among other things, a neurotic undertone. “These thoughts form and deform the figure, as in Maria Lassnig and Alberto Savinio […] These works dare to make internal symptoms appear, they somatise cheerfully and freely” writes the artist.

The proposed workshop returns to the works discovered by the children during the visit, in particular those by Sarah Tritz such as the acephalous puppets of the TRISTZ INSTITUTT and Elle (2019), but also Maria Lassnig’s Gehirnströme (Currents of the brain) (1995), or the discreet connection of the pair of concreted palm trunks by Stéphanie Cherpin (La La Love You, 2016).
They are the starting point for a moment of introspection materialized by the pencil. A model of an empty head is given to the students, who are invited to put their sometimes unexpressed thoughts on paper. These mixtures of words and drawings illustrate their sensitivities, their opinions, their dreams and nightmares, their loves, their future, the shifting emotions and questions that run through them.

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