Le Crédac

Workshop Cultural outreach

University of Paris

In the context of the teaching program “Ateliers Lettres pour l’oral et l’écrit” of the UFR Lettres, Arts, Cinéma, four students from the University of Paris imagined and organized an educational project and artistic workshops for the public of Crédac. The aim of this project is to train students to give tours and to carry out educational workshops as well as to allow for a unique experience between different audiences.

For this 2018-2019 year, the students proposed a visit and a series of workshops around the collective exhibition of attentions (from January 18 to March 31, 2019). A first group of students worked to set up these activities for a class from Henri Barbusse elementary school in Ivry. The second group joined the Inter-Etablissement Project Découvrir un centre d’art contemporain francilien conducted with a class from the Romain Rolland high school in Ivry. This inclusive program centered on hands-on workshops took place throughout the school year, from the students’ discovery of the art center, to the realization of workshops and public performances with the students, including preparatory meetings and the evaluation of student projects in collaboration with their teacher.

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