Le Crédac


Jochen Lempert, Jochen Müller and Jürgen Reble

On the occasion of Jochen Lempert’s solo exhibition Jardin d’hiver, Crédac presents two films by the Schmelzdahin collective.

Schmelzdahin (Jochen Lempert, Jochen Müller, Jürgen Reble) is an experimental film collective made up of Jochen Lempert, Jochen Müller and Jörgen Reble that was active between 1979 and 1989. Together they explored the possibilities that processes using chemical treatments and the celluloid film as an art material in itself offered artists. Working with sequences they found or shot themselves, they created films that are highly plastic in the sense of the plastic arts, thanks to chromatic changes, exposure and erasure, corrosion, and bacterial cultures. Featured in the exhibition context, these two films emphasize an explosion of color verging on psychedelia.

— From 23 January to 23 February —
Weltenempfänger, 1984 (World Receiver). Digitized Super 8 film; color, sound; 5 minutes 08 seconds ; in loop.
— From 26 February to 28 March —
15 Tage Fieber, 1989 (15-Day Fever). Digitized Super 8 film; color, sound; 14 minutes 15 seconds ; in loop.

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