Le Crédac

Royal Garden 4

Exposition collective

Artists: Dove Allouche, Luc Aubort, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Carla Demierre, Gilles Furtwängler, Jean-Paul Felley et Olivier Kaeser, Jérémie Gindre, Alain Huck, François Kohler, Claire Le Restif, Mark Luyten, Federica Martini, Damián Navarro, Véronique Portal, Didier Rittener et Benjamin Stroun.

Graphic design: Jérémy Muratet-Decker

Coding: Jérémy Muratet-Decker

Curatorship: Federica Martini and Didier Rittener

This fourth installment has been entrusted to Didier Rittener, who invited Federica Martini to join him. The installment envisions rivers as both motif and model, echoing an earlier exhibition at Crédac, Le Travail de Rivière (The Work of the River), which was mounted in 2009. Rivers wear away and make memory visible. Rivers includes works in the fine arts, sound, film and literature that form an open continuum, a series of possible imaginary actions.

At the outset of this project there is a list (reproduced on the following page). After taking part in Le Travail de Rivière, Rittener indeed began compiling a list of works in the visual arts, music and literature that refer to rivers, like some endless task of getting back to the beginning, the origin. This work of returning to, reviving and extending a past exhibition is fairly rare and joins up with the ideal, labyrinthine form of Royal Garden. Rittener opted for subjectivity over exhaustiveness and his list was brought to an end with the help of Federica Martini. It also became the invitation that was extended to those taking part in Royal Garden 4, the «riverbed», as it were.
This list is also the first of twenty iterations of Royal Garden 4, whose dynamic interactive interface suggests a stream at the surface of which the various individual projects flow off in a random fashion.

Royal Garden is an online extension of Crédac’s artistic project.
Borrowing its title from the futuristic restaurant directed by Jacques Tati in Playtime, Royal Garden is a shaggy artistic project, a place for the production of multidisciplinary meaning, an exquisite critical, theoretical and artistic corpse.
Royal Garden had 10 «seasons» between 2008 and 2018.


Royal Garden is made possible through support from the Region Ile-de-France.

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