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Éric Baudart par Michel Gauthier

On the occasion of Éric Baudart’s solo exhibition, Ralentir le vent, the artist discusses with Michel Gauthier (curator at the Musée national d’art moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou). The art historian and the artist discuss the latter’s career and key works, situating his œuvre in the post-Duchampian age of sculpture.
They address the objects and materials that challenge Eric Baudart, and of his conceptual works that paradoxically exalt form, matter and sensations.

It is possible to follow the images that accompanied this meeting with the presentation document below.


Talk with Éric Baudart and Michel Gauthier


  • Michel Gauthier presents Éric Baudart — ÉRIC BAUDART PAR MICHEL GAUTHIER
    5.7 MB / pdf
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