Le Crédac

Radio ghost

Laurent Grasso

Curatorship: Claire Le Restif

Vidéo-capture (extract)
The electrical circularity put forward by this artist could lead one to say that in a general sense interference is what configures his work. His emblematic Radio Ghost installation presented at the Crédac in January 2004 would suggest just that. At the Crédac venue, a former movie theatre complex (the exhibition rooms are windowless, with slanted floors and projection booths), the artist used ropes to hang a large screen set in an aluminium frame. On this surface he projected a 16mm film, aerial views at Hong Kong in a very long uninterrupted sequence, a single tracking shot whose suggestion of infinity makes the city unreal, as if it were a scale model. Viewers had to enter into the projectionist’s booth overlooking the room to hear the sound track accompanying this long drift city residents recounting their experiences of living among ghosts (a widespread belief in Asia). The opaque, diffuse voices in a booth completely sound-proofed with acoustical foam and plunged into the darkest shadows left viewers with a single sensory point of reference, a ray of light shining through the hole in a wall from a former projection room window through which one could see part of the image on the screen. Yet a kinetic effect made it seems as if the slow movement of the partially cut-off image was transferred to the tightly close booth, transforming it in turn into a balloon gondola floating above the city like the spirits being described by the voices, themselves perfectly ghostly. Transference, shifts, reality thrown into question – all this submerges us in the interference rendered manifest by Grasso’s electrical apparatus, here literally a ghost radio, a radio for ghosts…

Christophe Kihm
In artpress n°306, 2004

Artist biography

  • Born in 1972 in Mulhouse, France.
    Lives and works between Paris, France and New York, USA.
    Laurent Grasso is represented by the Perrotin gallery, Paris.

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