Le Crédac

Notas sobre o limite do mar

Maria Laet

Curatorship: Claire Le Restif

Sewing: a harmless and domestic act. Sewing the sand: a senseless gesture of tensioning the impossible and the vain. Sewing on the imperceptible line left by the foam of a wave at low tide on the shore: a gesture that tries to materialize the immaterial, to make visible a limit between two universes that tirelessly join and disjoin. Thus in the video Notas sobre o limite do mar, we follow the artist’s hand hemming the sand with a needle and a cotton thread. Effort stretched and resumed, then abandoned… The act, the crumbly stitches of sewing erased by the flow and the rise of the wave. There is a living abstraction in Maria Laet’s work. The sewing of sand is an instant of the visible of the impalpable and a desire for the imaginary, an instant of «dialogue» and balance between the industrious human world and a nature as powerful as it is moving. But it can also be a failure of the human line in its capture of the mineral line, silently marking the uselessness of our will to master. A kind of failure at the frontier, which takes us back in time to the effacement, the disappearance, the passenger, and the fragility of the visible. The video becoming the image and the archive.

Marjorie Micucci

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