Le Crédac

La danse des briques

Luara Raio et Thomas James

LA DANSE DES BRIQUES II is the second part of a project with the Crédac, La Briqueterie - Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National (CDCN) and the Maison municipale de quartier Plateau-Monmousseau.

In 2022, accompanied by the dancer Luara Raio and the videographer Thomas James, the users of the Community Center had the opportunity to explore two nearby industrial historical sites: the Manufacture des Œillets in Ivry-sur-Seine and the former brickyard in Gournay in Vitry-sur-Seine, now transformed respectively into a contemporary art center and a choreographic development center. Guided by the cultural mediators of both institutions and the artists, the project became the subject of a documentary film that retraces this collective adventure: La danse des briques.

In 2023, Crédac, La Briqueterie, and the Monmousseau Community Center continue their collaboration and propose new workshops combining visual arts, contemporary dance, and heritage.

Alongside Luara Raio, the participants will prepare a festive and colorful parade-performance, highlighting the cultures of each individual. The focus will be on working on movements, costumes, masks, and other accessories capable of narrating the intangible cultural heritage that everyone carries within themselves.

The parade-performance will take place on Saturday, October 28: it will start from La Briqueterie, pass by the Community Center, and conclude at Crédac with the screening of the film La danse des briques.

WHEN? — From October 23 to 28, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
FOR WHOM? — Everyone from 12 years old (children from 8 years old accompanied)
WHERE? — Maison municipale de quartier Plateau-Monmousseau / La Briqueterie / Le Crédac (La Manufacture des Œillets)

3:00 PM — departure from La Briqueterie
4:00 PM — arrival at Le Crédac
4:30 PM — screening of the film (20 min) followed by a festive gathering

The project is carried out as part of C’est mon patrimoine!, a national operation of artistic and cultural education offering children and teenagers artistic practices in heritage sites during school holidays.

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