Le Crédac

Entretien croisé nº1

Sarah Tritz, Corentin Canesson

Sarah Tritz leads this first Entretien croisé (Cross talk) in Corentin Canesson’s studio at DOC.

Sarah Tritz questions Corentin Canesson about the sources of his practice: the reasons that led him to take an interest in painting from childhood, his modernist influences (Bram Van Velde, Brice Marden, Alexej von Jawlensky, Pierre Bonnard, James Ensor, Eugène Leroy), and his relationship to the studio. Together they also evoke collaborative practice, notably through music and the TNHCH group to which Corentin Canesson belongs, or his exhibition at Crédac, analogies of gestures and subjects with contemporary painters (Martin Barré, Nicole Eisenmann, Dana Schutz, Renée Levi, Miriam Cahn, Eric Corne, Benjamin Swaim).

In the course of the interview, Sarah Tritz invites Corentin Canesson to react to questions that inhabit her own reflection, such as the desire that animates the artistic act, eroticism, the place of women in art.


Entretien croisé nº1 : Sarah Tritz & Corentin Canesson

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