Le Crédac

Across the Forest

Công Tùng Truong

Across the Forest, 2014-2019. Dual channel video, colour, sound, 17’ 42”

Across the Forest displays Tùng’s deep fascination with the history and culture of the Jarai, the largest ethnic group in the central highlands of Vietnam, where he is originally from. The video depicts fragmented scenes taking place simultaneously on the land: hands gleaning latex from the rubber tree; a pond, an iron sheet, a jacket hung on a tree to scare away birds; family members watching television, slash-and-burn in the fields, digging, praying, sleeping. Surreal images of nighttime dreams are incorporated into these sequences. The surface of the film is bathed in a superimposition of flying ants and the sounds of insects, thunder and howling. The video paints a dark picture and contemplates a community facing many upheavals.

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