Le Crédac

Carte Blanche to Ana Jotta

Francisca Manuel

On the occasion of her solo exhibition TI RE LI RE, Crédac is giving Ana Jotta carte blanche for the Crédakino programme. She presents A Coragem de Lassie, a documentary that the director Francisca Manuel devoted to her in 2009.

A Coragem de Lassie (Lassie’s Courage) plunges us into the world of Ana Jotta. We follow the artist at work, in her studio and during the setting up of an exhibition. Her work is illuminated by the comments of people close to her. The title is borrowed from an exhibition by the artist in 1988.

Artist biography

  • Post-Graduated in Multimedia Arts at Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Francisca Manuel studied Architecture and Cinema in Lisbon (2002-2008). / Video Installations: Mina (2021); Zenith (2020); 211 Avenue (2018); Catherine or 1786 (2017); Travel Shot (2015) ; Madame (2013); The Crane and The Glass (2013); MUDE (2009) trilogy. / Documentaries: The Gesture (2019) ; Jungle Red (2018); Courage of Lassie (2009) ; making of for Too many Daddies, Mommies and Babies (2009).

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