Le Crédac

Variations Continues

Variations Continues (Continuous Variations) is a concept linked to the heterogeneity of the artworks at the heart of a show that has been thought out as a continuous process. The artists Ayşe Erkmen, Füsun Onur et Seza Paker have brought this concept to bear in order to see both the space and their pieces collectively while preserving the personal dimension of their work, something that is indeed singular and unique to each artist.

  • TitleVariations Continues
  • Author(s)Ali Akay, Claire Le Restif
  • Date2010
  • PublisherCentre d'art contemporain d'Ivry — le Crédac
  • Co-publisherSupported by Saison de la Turquie en France (july 2009 – march 2010)
  • Graphic designMathias Schweizer
  • IllustrationsCouleur, noir et blanc
  • LanguageFrançais / anglais
  • Pages51
  • Size12 × 16,5 cm
  • ISBN2-914836-08-2
  • Price8 €
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