Le Crédac

L’Esprit des formes

Mecca provides information on the issues at stake in Crédac’s programming, offers criticism and analysis and comments on the work of the artists presented. It opens up an additional avenue: that of re-reading and memory. Non-chronological, it has been redrawing intentions of the 2003–2015 period.

Mecca 06, issue now out of print, is a non-exhaustive visual journey through ten years of Crédac programming (2003-2013). It is primarily a game based on iconography and memory, exhibition and collection. It is a visual promenade for the reader to make his way and build their own matches.
A discovery for the casual visitor or a remembrance of past appointments for the faithful observer, Mecca 06 explores some recurrent concerns such as the folds of memory, sedimentation, analysis through revelation, entropy (science of disorder measure, synonymous with transformation and degradation) and the idea of origin: buried, forgotten, revealed, fantasy, virtual or even invented, starting and concluding the human adventure.

  • TitleMECCA 06
  • Author(s)Claire Le Restif
  • Date2013
  • Graphic designMathias Schweizer
  • IllustrationsColour
  • LanguageFrench / English
  • Size37 × 29 cm
  • Price0 €
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