Le Crédac


Karina Bisch, Vincent Lamouroux

Mecca provides information on the issues at stake in Crédac’s programming, offers criticism and analysis and comments on the work of the artists presented. It opens up an additional avenue: that of re-reading and memory. Non-chronological, it has been redrawing intentions of the 2003–2015 period.

Mecca 01, issue now out of print, is published on the occasion of the concomitant exhibitions of Karina Bisch and Vincent Lamouroux at Crédac in Ivry-sur-Seine. The two artists evoke the relationship they have with the history and visual culture of their time, between invention, repertoire of forms to be repeated and unfinished projects, which remain to be extended.

  • TitleMECCA 01
  • Artist(s)Karina Bisch, Vincent Lamouroux
  • Date2005
  • Graphic designMathias Schweizer
  • IllustrationsColour, black & white
  • LanguageFrench
  • Size42 × 30 cm
  • Price0 €
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