Le Crédac

Bruno Pélassy

Born in Laos in 1966, Bruno Pélassy has produced a baroque, funny and incisive body of work, including a manifesto film, Sans titre, sang titres, cent titres, on which Marie Canet draws to highlight the links between the work and the Aids virus, which won the award in 2002. Bruno Pélassy’s works are produced in an artisanal spirit of accumulation and a taste for fabrication; by their precariousness they walk against permanence. At the crossroads of jewellery and decorative objects, they are domestic things because, made at home, they value in their elaboration as well as in their content the intimacy of the making and its destination.

  • TitleBruno Pélassy
  • Author(s)Marie Canet
  • Date2015
  • PublisherÉditions Dilecta, Paris
  • Co-publisherCentre d’art contemporain d’Ivry - le Crédac / Passerelle – Centre d’art contemporain / Crac, Languedoc – Roussillon / Mamco, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain – Genève / Air de Paris / Les Amis de Bruno Pélassy
  • Graphic designFanette Mellier
  • IllustrationsColour
  • LanguageFrench / English
  • Pages128
  • Size12,5 × 20 cm
  • ISBN979-1-09049-070-3
  • Price20 €


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