Le Crédac

Bote-tchu & Sèllatte

Simon Boudvin

From the Bernese Jura (France) to the Neuchâtel mountains (Switzerland), Simon Boudvin travels through a territory that is a witness to the struggles of historian Marianne Enckell, librarian and volunteer archivist at the Centre international de recherches sur l’anarchisme (CIRA, Lausanne). The book counts all the primary forms of stools and a field survey that inventories the existing models and the stories they carry.

  • TitleBote-tchu & Sèllatte
  • Author(s)Simon Boudvin ; Marianne Enckell
  • Artist(s)Simon Boudvin
  • Date2022
  • Co-publisherABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier) ; Art et fiction
  • Graphic designCharles Mazé & Coline Sunier
  • LanguageFrench
  • Pages368
  • Size12,5 × 20 cm
  • ISBN978-2-88964-007-2
  • Price20 €


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