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What do unicorns eat?

Benoît Piéron

Sunday 6 February from 3pm to 5pm

As part of the Derek Jarman – Dead Souls Whisper (1986-1993) exhibition in 2021, the Crédac invited the artist Benoît Piéron in the fall to encapsulate, during a participatory workshop, the garden created by Derek Jarman around Prospect Cottage in Dungeness.

This winter, he invites us to follow the seasons with a second workshop for making capsules filled with seeds. Benoît Piéron, who practices “existential gardening”, botanizes a garden that is imaginary this time, that of the tapestries The Hunt for the Unicorn (1495-1505) in the Metropolitan Museum’s collections.
He thus proposes to take the plant out of the decorative framework to disseminate it in vigorous reality. This gardening is also an opportunity to discover the patriarchal foundations of the myth of the unicorn and to reflect on the belief in non-existence.
The capsules, which enclose powder composed of peat, fertilizer and a selection of ten seeds out of the hundred listed, act as small greenhouses promoting germination. It’s up to you to disseminate this “mille-fleur” (thousand flowers) motif beyond the geographical and temporal limits of the workshop.

Seeds contained in the capsules, with peat and fertilizer:

  • Aquilegia vulgaris - common columbine
  • Bistorta officinalis - common bistort
  • Carthamus tinctorius - dyer’s safflower
  • Centaurea cyanus - cornflower
  • Fragaria vesca - wild strawberry
  • Phiteuma spicateum - spiked raipuron
  • Primula veris - officinal primrose
  • Rubus fruticossus - wild mulberry
  • Salvia sclarea - clary sage
  • Silene latifolia - white fellow

    Workshop open to all! Book here.

Artist biography

  • Benoît Piéron is a French artist born in 1983 in Ivry-sur-Seine. He creates moments, installations and objects. Benoît Piéron is interested in the sensuality of plants, the borders of the body and the temporality of waiting rooms. He practices patchwork, existential gardening and designs wallpapers. Having always lived with a pet disease, the hospital world is his ecosystem.

    He graduated with honours from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2007 and participated in the Hermès Foundation residency programme in 2010. In 2011-2012 he is a resident at the Casa de Velázquez, the French academy in Madrid. In 2014 he was welcomed in residence at the Fernand Léger Gallery in Ivry-sur-Seine, where he had his first solo exhibition in 2015. In 2018, he had a solo exhibition at the Centre d’art contemporain Les Tanneries d’Amilly. In residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in 2020 and 2021, he will give workshops on herborization and validation in parallel with his exhibitions. In 2021 he planted the Mendes Wood gallery stand at the Fiac and grew a large tuft of grass in the courtyard of the MAT - centre d’art contemporain in Ancenis. For the past few months he has been questioning the food of unicorns, the place of orgasm in hospitals and lethal flora. His work has been exhibited in France, Brussels, Japan, Korea, Spain and Canada.

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