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Lorraine Châteaux

As part of the 30th anniversary of Crédac, the artist from Ivry invited art lovers and art center devotees to a series of co-creation workshops. This proposal, which took place in four stages, now leads to the presentation of the plastic achievements in the form of a coherent whole.

From a first day of exploratory walking, Lorraine Châteaux proposed to apprehend the city through drawing and sketching as a succession of images and scenery. This walk through the city was an opportunity to share everyone’s interests, be they buildings, streets, viewpoints or walking from one place to another following the geographical limits of Ivry-sur-Seine. The varied atmospheres that impressed the memory of the participants during this walking day served as a formal starting point for the volume creations made at Crédac during the three following sessions.
With various materials at their disposal evoking both models and works by Lorraine Châteaux, the participants created a set of forms halfway between sculpture and architectural projection from their “impressions of the city” condensed during the day’s walk. A work of consultation was then carried out in order to produce an imaginary projection of Ivry-sur-Seine on a common stage. This approach is in line with the research that Lorraine Châteaux is carrying out with her works. Her work as a sculptor is nourished by the extraordinary architectural environment in which she grew up: “I lived for nearly twenty years in a dwelling built in the 1970s by Jean Renaudie and Renée Gailhoustet whose architecture, whether pointed or star-shaped, did not allow the furniture to fit in properly. From this maladjustment, the desire and the necessity to rethink the objects and forms that surround us were forged in me. »

Artist biography

  • Lorraine Châteaux was born in 1986 in Paris. Graduated from the Villa Arson in Nice, she lives and works in Ivry-sur-Seine.
    “Lorraine Châteaux creates autonomous spaces, mini-architectures playing with the aesthetics of showrooms, stands, even corners of department stores. She integrates everyday objects in the form of displays. She appropriates and diverts them, in order to produce objects on the fringe, which are not totally functional […] Design is one of her favorite playgrounds, even if she says she is more interested in the DIY department of the BHV store. […] The multiple references found in Lorraine Châteaux’s work refer to each other like pinball balls, or like Richard Artschwager’s “Blps” scattered throughout the space, both the city and the exhibition. But in front of each of his works, the visitor has the troubling feeling of having penetrated a diorama, and of being one of its components. ” Daria de Beauvais

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