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des attentions

In the spirit of an “ecology of attention” defined by Yves Citton in 2014, the exhibition “des attentions” asks the question: “what do we allow to pass (or not) through us” within the digitised environment in which we evolve?

What caught our attention when we discovered the group exhibition des attentions?

Based on printed images referencing elements of the group exhibition, including Batia Suter’s Nightshift, Raymond Hains’ Macintoshages, and Fouad Bouchoucha’s punctuation marks, the children recompose freely their memories in the form of drawings, with the intervention of chance.

The students “replay” the exhibition by combining their own (re)creations with familiar images turned over according to the numbers on the cards they have drawn beforehand. Through the visual bounce, the game of associations of ideas and hidden or missing elements, they create a large Memory, a sort of exquisite corpse, on a large numbered grid. Displayed in front of the children at the end of the workshop, the completed grid creates surprise, and new visual connections, intended or unexpected.

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