Le Crédac


Tony Regazzoni

Artistic workshop led by Tony Regazzoni with the CM2 students of Véronique Simon and Grégory Piédade from the Joliot-Curie B school in Ivry-sur-Seine.

Entitled Apocalypso (a play on words between calypso, Caribbean music and dance typical of the carnivals, also nymph of the sea in Greek mythology, and apocalypse) the project tackles in an optimistic way the notions of ecology, resource preservation and recycling to think about our planet and its future. What would happen if our civilization is brought to extinction? What traces and objects would we leave behind? Together, the students and the artist work on the history of ancient civilizations, from their golden age to their fall, and what they left behind them (ruins, vestiges, traces). It is an opportunity to talk about beliefs, myths and folklore. The children also meet an archaeologist from the Archaeology Service of Val-de-Marne, Vanessa Maret. This meeting gives them an opportunity to become aware of the existence of the important archaeological vestiges which were discovered in the city, and to learn more about the world of archaeology. With the Véronique Simon CM2 class, the artist has designed casts of objects symbolizing our current civilization (cell phones, toys, usb key…), whose imprint is fixed, such as a fossil remains, would be the witness of an ecological disaster like the petrified bodies of the inhabitants of Pompeii surprised by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. With the Grégory Piédade CM2 class, Tony Regazzoni designs costumes symbolizing the four elements : air, fire, earth and water. These creations are used in a film made in collaboration with with Ivry’s art cinema, Le Luxy : Les Doléances de la Terre. This film takes place in 3020 and features a group of children determined to save the planet. The exhibition brings together the fossils and costumes as well as a trailer of the film and the photographs documenting the workshops. Les Doléances de la Terre was screened at Luxy (friday 19 and Saturday 27 June 2015). This project is supported by the Inspectorate of the 3rd district of Val-de-Marne and by the complicity of the Archaeology Department of Val-de-Marne.

Artist biography

  • Tony Regazzoni was born in 1982, he lives and works in Paris. Through different mediums, the artist deals with rituals and their present or ancient sanctuaries, from megalithic monuments to discotheques. http://www.tony-regazzoni.net

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