Le Crédac

Royal Garden 8

Artists: Mathias Schweizer, Thierry Chancogne

Graphic design: Pierrick Varin / Glitch

Coding: Pierrick Varin / Glitch

Royal Garden is an online extension of Crédac’s artistic project. Borrowing its title from the futuristic restaurant directed by Jacques Tati in Playtime, Royal Garden is a shaggy artistic project, a place for the production of multidisciplinary meaning, an exquisite critical, theoretical and artistic corpse.
Royal Garden had 10 seasons between 2008 and 2018.

Figures is a construction game based on fragments of images, textures, materials and objects gleaned. Mathias Schweizer, a graphic designer, creates compositions – from an abundant matrix of elements passed through the prism of his scanner, or shaped according to his research – which are as many game boards for visitors. If he is at the origin of the first figure, it can then be modified at will by the visitor and left as it is for the next one.

Thierry Chancogne, graphic theorist and teacher, invited to react to these compositions, proposes a flow of reflections, which rubs shoulders with the game like a continuous flow of information. He writes a series of impromptus conceived as a diachronic study on the appearance of forms and images in the fields of architecture, painting and cinema.


Royal Garden is made possible through support from the Region Ile de France.

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