Le Crédac

Royal Garden 3
Season 3

Graphic design: Mathias Schweizer

Coding: Lionel Dourt

Curatorship: Claire Le Restif Associated artist: Bruno Bellec

Royal Garden is an online extension of Crédac’s artistic project.
Borrowing its title from the futuristic restaurant directed by Jacques Tati in Playtime, Royal Garden is a shaggy artistic project, a place for the production of multidisciplinary meaning, an exquisite critical, theoretical and artistic corpse.
Royal Garden had 10 «seasons» between 2008 and 2018.

Royal Garden 3 shows the memory of Crédac, through exhibitions that have been shot since 2003.
Without hierarchy or chronology, these films are stacked like bricks, a structure evoking the outer robe of the new Crédac, which has opened in September 2011 at the Manufacture des Oeillets.


Royal Garden is made possible through support from the Region Ile-de-France.

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