Le Crédac

Petrichor Amor

Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame

Fanny Adler and Vincent Madame were invited to conceive an original vocal and sound piece.
Two performances were given in the Crédakino on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.
Production : Le Crédac.

“What if our desires and our bodies drew us to the bottom of a cave or the foot of a tree rather than under the lights of the city? Through a utopian, phantasmagorical proposal of a world that turns its back on anthropocentrism, we will attempt symbiosis, a great mineral and erotic parade, cries and songs of love.
Petrichor sounds like a pagan myth, a Danish metal band, the name of a synth program or a simple play on words, and it’s all at once. But the smell of stone blood we all know, it’s the aroma of warm asphalt after the rain, a shower on the pebbles, a drizzle on the August moor.”

An additional performance was organized on Saturday 19 October 2019 at the auditorium of the Petit Palais (Paris), as part of the Parades for FIAC festival, in collaboration with d.c.a., the French association for the development of art centers.


Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame, Petrichor Amor, 2019. Vocal and sound piece, 33 min. Production : Le Crédac

Artist biography

  • Since 2007, Fanny Adler and Vincent Madame (born in 1974) have been working together to create vocal performances that they define as sung, rhythmic and musical landscapes. Through singing, they explore stylistic motifs borrowed from literature and popular culture (Bernard-Marie Koltès, Apollinaire, Pop Songs…).

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