Le Crédac

Performance reading

Anne Kawala

Sarah Tritz invite Anne Kawala à lire des extraits de son dernier livre au cœur de son exposition.

“Licking questions pleasure and desire, the sexual one, from the body, the feminine gendered one, its experience. This collection mixes short poems, testimonies, thoughts, sextes written from the anatomical, physiological and sociological fields. When the capitalist injunction is to be desired in a multiplied way and to the immediate consumption of these desires very often created, what emancipation can desire, and pleasure, from a body from which the soul and the spirit cease to be separated, allow? And for what new relationships, between human beings, but also their environment?”

Artist biography

  • Anne Kawala is a graduate of the Fine Arts School in Lyon. In her work, she questions the relationship between orality and scripturality, the genre of the written word. Lécher is her latest book to be published.

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