Le Crédac


Hélène Carbonnel, Marion Vasseur-Raluy

Hélène Carbonnel, author and director, and Marion Vasseur-Raluy, curator and art critic, imagine this participatory event addressed to all audiences. Starting from the observation that embroidery and canvas have often been relegated to the rank of a so-called feminine activity, they demonstrate our ability to concentrate in the repetition of the embroidery gesture. This workshop therefore allows us to combine listening to podcasts with a manual activity. The threads stitched on a shared canvas become a canvas of sound, which, like a photograph, retraces the movements of a collective listening.

Artist biography

  • Hélène Carbonnel (born in 1989, lives and works in Aubervilliers, France), is an author of podcasts and a video director.

Curator biography

  • Marion Vasseur-Raluy (born 1989, lives and works in Paris) is an independent curator and art critic.

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