Le Crédac

Fata Morgana

Group show

Artists: Marcelline Delbecq, Ilka Halso, James Hopkins, Rémy Marlot, Joachim Mogarra, Nicolas Moulin, Philippe Ramette

Curatorship: Students from DESS Arts de l'exposition, Paris X-Nanterre (dir. Catherine Perret)

“Fata morgana” is a polysemic expression referring to the wonderful universe of Celtic tales and the fairy Morgana, who gave it its name. It is also a phenomenon of mirage, found in the Strait of Messina where the superimposition of layers of hot and cold air causes visions of haunted or enchanted castles. At the origin of myths and legends and conducive to reverie, “fata morgana” appears as a fertile artistic field that the exhibition, through the practice of seven artists, wishes to question.

Taking the material of reality as a starting point and then freeing themselves from it, some artistic practices seek to transcend the environment that surrounds them. Artists create compromises between mimesis and invention, without falling into science fiction or surrealism. Their images are ambiguous, inspired by a familiar reality and yet questioning it: a rediscovered reality, illuminated in a new light.
The inversion of scale relationships, the autonomy of objects without real use, the effects of mirage contribute to question our place in the world as a subject of a nature formatted to our dimension. Because they are barely out of step with our daily perceptions and appeal to our most ordinary representations, these disturbances lead to a feeling of “disquieting strangeness” that makes us doubt our most obvious landmarks. The artists gathered here take familiar worlds as their starting point and introduce a disturbing effect. Using new perceptive objects (Philippe Ramette, James Hopkins) or narrative dramatization effects (Joachim Mogarra, Nicolas Moulin, Rémy Marlot), they question the reality of our visual certainties. The poetic springs used are deviation, mutation, manipulation or trickery. As with the appearance of a mirage, the exhibition plays on a furtive anguish that leads to a false vertigo.
Conceived by the curators in accordance with the atypical architecture of the Crédac, this exhibition underlines the paradoxes of the site - from its underground location, inscribed in the foundations of Jean Renaudie’s utopian architecture, to its unevenness characteristic of a cinema never used as such - and questions, like the place, the reverse side, the nooks and crannies, the losses of the contemporary world.

Curators :
Garance Chabert, Awatef Chengal, Stefan Decker, Anne Gregersen, Emmanuelle Levesque, Delphine Poli, Laure Rudelle, Anne Souverbie, Emilie Villez, in collaboration with Claire Le Restif.


Film of the group show © Claire Le Restif / le Crédac

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