Le Crédac

Portrait of a Deforming Symbol – Lost and Found

Công Tùng Truong

Portrait of a Deforming Symbol – Lost and Found, 2014 – ongoing. Dual channel video, colour, sound, 4’ 48”.

This video is part of a larger project to collect Saigonese urban myths. These “material myths” are collected mainly in District 2, where the process of reformation of urban space is most apparent: from swamps to semi-urban areas, then back to swamps, while waiting for the future megalopolis. These myths reside in the billboards with faded images, torn slogans; in the plethora of iron pieces scattered and unearthed by metal detectors, those door bolts, rivets, scale weights, work tools, which once contributed to the daily life of a community, have become waste to be recycled. As man-made objects, they outlast the life cycle of a human being, and though fragmented, their bodies remain in places that even humanity cannot resist.

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