Le Crédac

Carte blanche to Jany Lauga

Cynthia Lefebvre, djordjevic (Gwendal Coulon)

Curatorship: Jany Lauga

[ Inside out.
Outside in.
Step by step.
Spine or spill.
Body linked.
amount a staircase. ]

Cynthia Lefebvre invents a progressive circulation in the peripheral spaces of the Crédac: a subtle shift - in body, in images, in words, in gestures - between exterior and interior, visible and imperceptible.

djordjevic deconstructs the codes of the concert while abandoning himself to the adolescent pleasure of the groupie. Characterized by the artist Gwendal Coulon, a musician with an ambience, he presents a wild show of playback hits and hijacked covers. The whole thing is pimped with gadgets under strobe lights. Grotesque naivety, forgeries, jokes up to the point of foolishness are as many provocations to the expectations of the public.

Curator biography

  • Jany Lauga is in charge of cultural programming at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris.

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